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Course Induction & Matriculation | Art School Diary #1

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I am starting a graphic design course at art school. There has been a lot of hard work which has got me to this point. So I thought I would share my whole art school experience. I’m hoping to make this a weekly thing but we shall have to see about that.

My first week at art school was a soft introduction. Technically it was freshers week so I should have been out partying or something. Unfortunately, I’m not into that sort of thing.


The week started out with course inductions. I went to a talk for all the Communication Design students, then a more specific talk for Graphic Design. For some reason, my anxiety was at an all-time high. Maybe it was just because of the change. Going from a course where I knew people to start out from scratch again.

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I think it was interesting that the lecturers made it a point to talk about social media. I’ve come to find this is a really useful tool. As a way to promote myself and share my work. But at college, it was never mentioned. Now I’m at university I think it’s even more important that I be careful with how I appear online. Potential employers can see what I do which means I have to be really careful.

The course sounds really interesting. It’s pretty similar to what I have already been doing. And there seems to be lots of opportunities out with the course. For some reason, I’m still a little anxious. I really shouldn’t be though. Almost everyone is starting out at the same point. And since I’m jumping in at second year it means I’ve had two more years experience with graphic design compared to the students who started in first year.


At the end of the week, I was back at to become an official student. It has only taken me 10 years to become a proper university student. The matriculation process went much easier than I thought. I confirmed I was paying quite a large amount of money to the university. Then I got my student card. That was pretty much it.

I then went and bought a number of items I was sure to need. The course meeting earlier in the week made it quite clear there would be a large amount of work to do. Because of this, I decided to stop messing around with bullet journals and buy a proper planner. I have a large planner at home which I love. But I also wanted to get something more portable too.

I’m actually at the point now where I don’t need to go buying art supplies before starting a new course. I bought a new pair of scissors (because mine disappeared). But I have everything else I could possibly need. Apart from a sketchbook. I bought one on Amazon but I have a feeling I will be buying another next week.


And that was my first week at art school. I don’t know why I was so anxious about it. Next week is where the work is going to start proper. Where I get the briefs for my first projects as well as go to my first ever lecture. Honestly, I’m still a little overwhelmed by the whole thing. Looking back five years ago I don’t think I ever considered I would be in the position I am now.


As you may have already realised. This art school series was started on my blog a number of months after it was written. This was an intentional decision. I didn’t want to start a series which I couldn’t keep up with. It means these posts aren’t up to date and mention things which have happened in the past. I hope this isn’t annoying to anyone and still proves to be an interesting read.


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  • mikemattice

    You know Emma, I was thinking when you said these posts were written about things that happened in the past, I was disappointed. I thought you writing about future events as if thhey had already happened LOL.. I’m from USA so I’m ignorant on the subject: what’s the difference between college and university?.

    • BluChickenNinja

      Yeah sorry about that. I thought it would be a good idea to write all the posts in the series before making them live. I thought this would be better than possibly abandoning the series. Maybe I was wrong about that. In the UK college sits between high school and university. So if you leave high school and you don’t have the grades to get in to university you can go to college then on to university. Colleges also do more vocational courses too, like mechanics or hair and beauty courses.

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