Worrying, Books, and Moon Hitler

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I have been horribly unwell all week and as such haven’t been able to write any posts. So instead of writing something I thought I would share one of this week’s journal entries because journalling is a thing I do now.

I don’t know why I worry so much, this time I was worrying about class because I missed 3 days. I mean I suppose it’s better to stay on top of things rather than let them slide, and I suppose it’s better to keep in touch with the college and let them know what’s going on is better than silence.


But maybe asking for help because I was late on two projects was a bit silly. I worry that I will fall behind on coursework. Because I’m barely able to do anything at the weekends.

I don’t know. I probably did that thing again where I worried about nothing. At least the student support people were really nice and helpful even if I didn’t really need help.


Since I was in town I headed into John Lewis. Can you believe that “Santa” is now so lazy I have to buy my own Christmas presents and hand them over to the “North Pole” till Christmas. I think “Santa” just wanted to save money on postage.

Anyway I went to buy one of their Moon Hitler mugs. Okay so it’s actually not a Moon Hitler mug, if you’ve seen this years Christmas advert from John Lewis (and if you haven’t what rock have you been living under?), well they made a mug to go along with it (actually they made a bunch of stuff but I just wanted the mug). If you’re confused where “Moon Hitler” came from. That was the Guardian:

Clearly, the answer is that the old man is a monster. That’s the only logical explanation. Napoleon only got exiled to a Mediterranean island, for crying out loud, and he was Napoleon. But this guy has literally been jettisoned to the moon. He is hundreds of thousands of miles away from the nearest human. What could he possibly have done to warrant such punishment?


I probably shouldn’t laugh so much about the Moon Hitler thing considering the whole advert is a metaphor for old people being lonely at Christmas, but it turns out John Lewis is donating part of the price of the mug to Age UK which is nice. Anyway, everyone was so focused on the man on the Moon they forgot the important questions. Like who is the child genius who managed to send a package to the Moon using balloons. And what company made those telescopes. If we had them there would be no more people claiming that the Moon landings were faked.

So funny story, there was no one at the till when I went to pay for my mug so since I was in the kids section I went to have a look around while I waited for someone to appear. Then I realised they had Lego so obviously went to look at the Lego. But by this point someone had appeared and since I was walking past the till they assumed I wanted to pay, so I had to go pay. I mean I did want to pay but I also wanted to look at the Lego and I didn’t want to go through the whole awkward explanation of how I didn’t want to pay because Lego.

Anyway, I also went into Waterstones because even while horribly unwell I am totally incapable of going within walking distance of a bookshop without going in. I’m pretty sure I find at least 5 more books I want to read every time I go into a book shop.


So I’m currently loving those SF Masterworks collections. And I was planning on buying that edition of Hyperion by Dan Simmons. But I couldn’t decide if I wanted to get that or a Stephen Baxter book. So obviously I didn’t buy either of them and instead bought a book I’ve never heard of and know nothing about because the cover looked interesting.

I also went and picked up the next book in the Commonwealth saga. Peter F. Hamilton is really confusing. He writes two book series set 1000 years apart in the same universe. Even though some characters are in both series they apparently aren’t a series.

Oh and apparently he has gone and written another book series set in between these two. You would think writing a 2000 page novel (split into two books). Then three 600 page novels in the same universe would be enough, apparently not.

All I care about is if Ozzie is in these new books. You know I actually can’t decide if I liked Ozzie or if it was just his story arc. Elves and inter-dimensional forest paths (not even joking!). Anyway I think he is in these new books but I can’t tell in what way.

Either he created some religion then disappeared off into nowhere never to be seen again. Or he is the main character in disguise. At least my theory is that he is the main character in disguise.


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