A5 Mossery Notebook Review

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Today I am going to share a review of the medium-sized Mossery Notebook. Mossery is a brand I originally came across on Instagram. They are a Malaysian based company making planners, notebooks and sketchbooks. I’ve seen a number of YouTubers highly recommend their mixed media sketchbooks because of the quality of the paper. But I also wanted to give their notebooks a try.


The Mossery notebooks have a number of different cover designs to choose from. You can then customize this further by choosing what you want to be written on the cover. For this particular notebook, I didn’t have anything written on the cover as I have a number of stickers from RedBubble which I use instead. But you can have the cover personalised with your name, or some other short phrase and this doesn’t cost any extra.


The first section of the notebook contains a page for adding all your details; name, address, twitter handle etc. This could be useful if the notebook ever got lost. Then the next pages have space for you to mind map your values, goals, and aims for the notebook. This could be quite useful if you were using the Mossery notebook as a bullet journal.

After this section, we come to the main body of the notebook. You can choose from plain, lined, dotted or grid paper. I chose the dotted version and really love it. The dots are a light grey colour, almost too faint to see which I prefer to a darker, more obvious shade.

The paper is quite thin, so much that you can almost see through to the other page, but its a smooth surface making it enjoyable to write on. The paper is nice enough that you won’t have any problems using pen or pencil on it. Some inkier pens might bleed slightly so this is something to note.


This particular Mossery notebook is a medium size which is the equivalent to A5. You can also get notebooks in a pocket size which is around A6. It comes with a hardcover which as I said can be customised.

The notebooks are bound together with a ring binding on the inside of the cover and I’m surprised to say I really liked this. Normally I don’t buy ring bound notebooks because I find when writing on the left-hand page the binding gets in the way, even when the notebook is folded in half. I didn’t have that problem with this Mossery notebook which I am very pleased about.

The notebook also comes with pockets in the front and back to store small items and a page marker. These notebooks are really quite well made, I’ve been using this notebook in class meaning it has gone everywhere with me for the last month and there has been no noticeable damage to the cover as yet. I know the sticker is a little roughed up but I didn’t buy that from Mossery.


I really like this notebook from Mossery. If you’re looking for something to use as a bullet journal this would be great. At $23/£17 it is about comparable with the Leuchtturm1917 and Moleskine notebooks. You do have to pay the shipping from Malaysia which can add another bit to the price but I would say it was still worth it. The shipping is pretty quick and you get a durable, customised notebook.


  • Luna

    I love dotted notebooks, they are less distracting than lined or gridded. I am glad that this did not get annoying when writing on the left hand side. I often have that problem as well with ring bound notebooks. I will have to check this out. Thanks for sharing!

    • Emma

      I’m so picky when it comes to ring bound notebooks cause they get in the way! I’m totally fine with ring bound sketchbooks though which is weird 😂I’m glad you liked it.

  • Galit

    Looks like a great notebook 🙂 I love dotted notebooks, even though they are very hard to find where I live.
    I usually don’t like ring bound notebooks as well, but this looks great even with it <3

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