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A Quiet January Vlog & Organising The Studio 🖍️ Studio Diary #6

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A Quiet January

I’ve had a very quiet start to the year. It’s been nice having a bit of a rest because I was very busy in the run-up to Christmas. I’ve been using the free time to work in my commonplace book a little more. I’ve always been fascinated with patterns and came across a book about pattern design on

The particular book I’m reading at the moment is called Pattern Design by Lewis Day. It takes the time to explain the elements which make up a pattern and what you need to do to create a repeating design. I’ve come to love these old “how-to” style books. Somehow they explain design – and how it works – far better than most modern art books.

January turned out to be a very busy month work-wise. I’m still learning the peculiarities of the wedding industry. One thing I didn’t expect was how busy the start of the year can be. I had always assumed wedding season didn’t start till spring but apparently not! I did find some time in all that work to head up to Dundee to visit Discovery Point. Something you probably don’t know about me is that I love tall ships and anything Age of Sail related. It wasn’t quite the best time of year to go visiting the boat that took Shackleton and Scott to the South Pole but it was free to visit.

Lettering Project

Continuing the boat theme. I also worked on a new lettering piece in January. This one was inspired by Our Flag Means Death which was unfortunately cancelled at the start of the month. Fans are still trying to get it renewed and we would be very grateful if you signed the petition. I’m continuing the theme of working entirely traditionally with these lettering pieces. I struggle to know when something is finished if I work in Procreate. It’s far too easy to spend hours changing colours to make it “right”. Though I will admit in this one instance I did eventually post the digital rather than traditional version.

quiet january vlog & organising the studio

Tidying The Studio

I ended the month by taking some time to organise all the paper which tends to build up in my office. I’ve been trying to cut down on the amount of paper I use, but since my main art practice is calligraphy. This does tend to be mostly paper-based (and I go through a lot of it). I would love to eventually try making paper from all my scraps but I’m not quite set up for that yet. Hopefully, it will happen in the future.

It was an interesting experience looking through the calligraphy pieces I’ve worked on over the last few years. I find it really difficult to see my art progressing. Usually, I have to wait a few months before I can look at my art critically. But I’ve seen improvement. I didn’t quite have as much free time last year to work on my personal art practice. But it’s something I want to make time for in 2024 because I can see how much it helps me improve as an artist.

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