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Experimenting In My Filofax Planner 🖍️ studio diary #7

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April always tends to be a very busy month for me and this year was no different. This means I don’t have a huge amount of interesting footage to show. This month I spent some of my free time experimenting with my Filofax planner.

I’ve come to enjoy using this planner, I don’t feel a huge urge to move around (which I tend to do). I think it’s the combination of designing the planner myself, and the flexibility of the rings system which makes it easy to add in extra pages where I feel they might be useful. I designed a monthly task page so it’s really easy for me to see my overview of the month. This just moves ahead each week along with my page divider. My week on two-page view was based on my bullet journal spreads.

As much as I love this layout, I decided to try a day-to-a-page spread, essentially using it how I would my bullet journal. Where each daily log takes up as much space as it needs. While this worked great for me in my bullet journal, for some reason it didn’t work at all in the Filofax planner. I’m still no closer to figuring out the reason why I didn’t enjoy this style of planning. I’ll report back if I ever work it out.

Experimenting in my Filofax planner.

I also spent a few days in Edinburgh to see Hamilton. The tickets were for the very end of the Edinburgh run so if you want to see it I’m afraid it’s too late. I’ll admit I didn’t realise at first I had bought tickets for the last matinee performance but it’s always a fun show. The UK theatre scene has a tradition of muck-up matinees. This is where the cast performs small practical jokes in the final matinee of the run. These jokes tend to be quite small changes so they don’t disrupt the show. But they’re a great addition if you’ve seen the show before and notice the changes.

After waiting 18 months I finally got to visit Pie in the Sky. This is a great little shop which sells fandom-ish merch such as t-shirts, pin badges, stickers and prints. I say fandom-ish because it’s a mixture of musicians and modern pop culture. Highly recommend a visit if you’re in the area.

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