14 thoughts on “Branding A Science-Fiction Bookshop

  1. Thanks for bringing us through the process. Being on the receiving end of a new logo design, one thing that is important is how well the logo can be used in normsl daily routine things. Our old logo used a font that was never brought into digital format, and was a shape that didn’t scale well to things like a website header, Facebook and Twitter. Our new one has some similar issues, but it’s better. I likd that you are considering things like font weight, and trying thd logo in lots of real places.

    1. Thanks for reading! You really need to see the logo placed on different things. You usually wouldn’t see it on it’s own. If you see some sort of branding it’s going to be on a business card or website or a bag. So that part is actually really important.

  2. I am so envious of what you are learning to do. Amazing. I love the bookmarks, especially the red “burn” one. I don’t even use bookmarks anymore because everything I read us digital, but I would buy your bookmarks. They’re just that good. Too fad about the copyright problem 🙁

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